Law enforcement officers dedicate their careers and risk their lives to protect Marylanders across the state.


If the due process rights disappear for these dedicated professionals, Maryland is likely to see an exodus of good officers and falling recruitment numbers in jurisdictions throughout the state. Officers will choose to serve communities in surrounding states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia where due process rights are still protected.

A lack of a statewide due process standard for officers has the potential to put minority officers at risk – allowing police commanders to remove officers from the line of duty and fire them without cause.

There are 24 counties, including the City of Baltimore, and 157 municipalities in the State of Maryland. Eliminating a statewide due process standard for officers would create confusing, sometimes conflicting rules, for police officers throughout the state and the public seeking to file a complaint.

We support police reform where it is necessary to ensure the bad cops are off the streets. We support better recruitment, training and supervision of good officers, but taking away good officers’ rights is an entirely different thing.

Let’s work together to find a solution. We need the community to join in support—now more than ever.