Thank you for your support to help us engage with legislators and stand up for those who dedicate their careers and risk their lives to protect our community. 

We have more work to do.

As we look at the bills that passed last year, it’s clear we need to continue to work with elected officials to enact meaningful laws that will improve public safety and trust in policing—and protect our law enforcement officers.

We support change where it is necessary to ensure that bad cops are off the streets. This includes adding clarity, among other changes, to the use of force standard signed into law last year, strengthening the final orders from the trial boards, and ensuring the Maryland Public Information Act is appropriately used and safely protects officers. We will also be working for passage of legislation to incentive college educations for police officers and their family members.

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“If we want safer communities, why are we making it so hard, if not impossible, for police officers to actually do their job? We’re standing up for common sense policies that will produce better outcomes for Maryland.”



Hear from your local law enforcement: